Beatriz & Arturo | Beach Wedding Mauritius | The Residence Hotel

Mauritius Wedding Photography | Beach Wedding Ceremony | The Residence Hotel


A beautiful couple, a stunning location and a confident “Yes, I do” – this is all it takes to make a perfect wedding day! Well – it was more of a “Sí quiero”, as Beatriz and Arturo, a lovely couple, who came all the way from Bilbao/Spain to Mauritius. They chose the beautiful site of The Residence Hotel for their wedding – wonderful place, located at the east-side of Mauritius.
I met the future bride and groom separately from each other, while getting ready for their ceremony. A first, excitement vanished quickly and was replaced by joyful anticipation also known as thrill. Nevertheless, they both looked stunning!

Bridal March

Arturo was waiting for the bride next to the hotel beach and we could feel the love and tension in the air as the bride, Beatriz was walking down the aisle to the setting where she and Arturo were about to exchange their vows.

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony was just beautiful – full of love, joy and little tears of joy. Beatriz and Arturo exchanged their vows in Spanish – and even so I didn’t understand the language, I felt the love and trust between them, expressed through the emotional speech. The overwhelming happiness remained all along the wedding ceremony set on the beach of Belle-Mare.

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  Newlyweds  at The Residence Hotel.

Afterwards we took advantage of the stunning beach side of The Residence Hotel and the beautiful volcanic rocks.


In the late afternoon the light was getting lower and I took the opportunity to take advantage of the shade of the coconut trees. I really like playing with light and shadow – it always gives something magical to the scenery.




I am very grateful to Beatriz and Arturo for giving me their trust to accompany them through their special day and to provide them with souvenirs, captured through my lens.

From the bottom of my heart I wish you a good start into your married life and all the best for your future.

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