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Collage of four wedding moments: 1. Couple with foreheads touching by the sea and dunes. 2. Couple walking on beach towards camera, smiling, with rocks and sea in background. 3. Couple smiling at camera with palm tree leaves in foreground and garden in background. 4. Couple touching foreheads and holding hands on wooden bridge.

Are you looking for a professional photographer to capture a memorable visual story? Welcome to Dedans Photography! From your wedding day to your professional milestones and live events, I specialise in wedding, portrait, concert and event photography. I create authentic visual narratives suited to your unique experiences.

Image of Eric Sommerlad-Dedans, photographer at Dedans Photography.

I am Eric Sommerlad-Dedans, the creative mind behind Dedans Photography. Originating from Mauritius, I embrace life with a blend of reverence and optimism. I speak German, English, French and Creole. Through these languages, I explore the world through reading, slam poetry, and music.

Dedans Photography was founded in 2009 in Mauritius. Since 2021, I have been based in the Rheinhessen region of Germany, specifically in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate, where I humbly pursue the art of wedding and portrait photography with passion.

Author: Dedans Photography Silhouette of bride and groom against yellow and blue background.

In every photo session, I focus on capturing the special moments that make each portrait session and wedding day unique. My commitment to your satisfaction is the cornerstone of my passion. I ensure that your experience is authentic, and the memories are captured in the most genuine and creative way possible.

My aim is to provide you with a captivating wedding album with a collection of stunning photos that evoke a range of emotions, from tears of joy to beaming smiles. Each photo in the wedding album is carefully selected to tell the story of your unique day through my artistic vision.

Silhouette of bride's wedding dress.

In wedding photography, it’s not just about technical expertise; it’s also about human connections. Over the past decade, I’ve improved my skills not only behind the lens but also in ensuring that couples, their families, and friends feel at ease in front of my camera.

Building trust and forming genuine relationships lie at the heart of my work. I have a knack for quickly breaking the ice and forging a bond of trust with the people I photograph. It’s not uncommon for hesitant grooms to become enthusiastic participants in no time.

My journey has taken me from the tropical beauty of Mauritius to the charming landscapes of Mainz-Rheinhessen. Regardless of the setting, my goal remains the same: to create lasting memories and forge friendships through the art of photography.

From freezing the pulsating energy of live performances at public events to capturing intimate moments at concerts, I’m here to transform your musical experiences into unforgettable visual narratives. If you wish to capture the excitement and atmosphere of your event, I’m here to turn your vision into a visual creative narrative.

Portrait photography is a versatile art form where capturing a concept or specific idea can be as powerful as portraying reality. As a Portrait Photographer based in Mainz, Rheinhessen, I’m here to understand and bring these diverse visions to life.

Explore another dimension of photography and unveil images of the cities of Mainz, Wiesbaden, and Berlin. Discover the architecture, landscapes, life and abstract elements that from my perspective characterise these iconic places.

In addition to wedding photography, I also extend my services to other areas, such as corporate portraiture. If you are based in Mainz, Rheinhessen or elsewhere, I am here for you to capture the essence of your professional career in powerful corporate portraits. Whether you want to showcase the professionalism of your team or capture the unique personalities of your company, I will translate your vision into captivating visual stories.

Visit my photo gallery to see more of my work and get a glimpse of the artistry and passion that goes into each photo.

Choose your location and let me turn your ideas into vivid visual narratives.

Brayen & Barbara wedding mauritius
Elodie and Hassen wedding images, celebrated at the Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa
Beatriz and Arturo wedding images, celebrated at the Residence Hotel, Mauritius.
Franz and Claudia wedding images, celebrated in Mauritius.