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Dedans Photography is a reputable wedding photography agency that has been based in Mauritius since 2009. I, Eric Sommerlad-Dedans, am the director and lead wedding photographer. In 2021, I relocated to Germany. Despite the change in location, my approach to work remains unwavering in its enthusiasm and deep respect for my craft. Fueled by passion, I am dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of each of my clients. With each new shoot, I wholeheartedly immerse myself in the process, combining love and professionalism to capture the unique moments that every wedding brings.

Collage of wedding photos captured by Dedans Photography. PORTRAIT PHOTO COLLAGE / PORTRÄT-FOTO-COLLAGE

Wedding photography is a demanding profession that requires both profound knowledge of your technical equipment and a deep understanding of the art of communication. Being a wedding photographer involves numerous joyful moments and incredible encounters, from forging friendships with couples over time to the wonderful opportunity to travel to exquisite destinations worldwide. The ultimate reward for my work as a wedding photographer is witnessing the expressions of surprise and overwhelming joy on the faces of newlyweds as they hold their wedding album in their hands and relive their special day through a wedding reportage, narrated through my lens and infused with an artistic touch.

Committed to my craft, I have set a goal of providing you with a collection of stunning photos that can evoke unexpected emotions, from tears of joy to radiant smiles and spontaneous, hearty laughter. To experience this, simply choose your wedding destination and location. I will take care of capturing unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones on your special day.

Please visit my gallery to view more of my work. Additionally, I offer my services in other photography areas to immortalize your holidays, honeymoon, and family moments. If you’ve always dreamed of capturing beautiful images with your loved ones, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Brayen and Barbara wedding mauritius Elodie and Hassen wedding images, celebrated at the Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa Beatriz and Arturo wedding images, celebrated at the Residence Hotel, Mauritius. Franz and Claudia wedding images, celebrated in Mauritius.