About Me

Photo taken by Ksenia Daneli Fotostudio Memorymore

Thank you for visiting my website and expressing interest in my professional photography services. I specialise in various genres, including wedding, engagement, destination wedding, personal and corporate portrait, and concert photography.

The Story Behind Dedans Photography

Let me introduce myself. I’m Eric Sommerlad-Dedans, the creative mind behind Dedans Photography. Based in the region of Rheinhessen, specifically in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate since 2021, I am deeply committed to capturing timeless memories through my art. With roots tracing back to Mauritius in 2009, Dedans Photography has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

Photography has been a lifelong passion, inherited from my father, Clency Dedans, who himself was a wedding photographer. Guided by his expertise, I embarked on my own journey in 2008, taking my first solo wedding shoot. Since then, I’ve refined my skills, earning a diploma in photography and digital media, and transforming my passion into a profession.

In 2014, I expanded my horizons by working aboard prestigious cruise ship like the German Flag Ship, AIDA. This experience allowed me to accompany clients across Europe, capturing their unique experiences and memories.

Wedding Photography holds a special place in my heart. Having documented weddings in Mauritius and various European destinations, I consider it an honor to witness and preserve the love stories of couples. Each wedding is approached with dedication, ensuring every moment is beautifully portrayed in vibrant, romantic images that evoke emotions for a lifetime.

Personal and Corporate Portrait Photography is another facet of my expertise. I believe in capturing genuine moments and emotions, ensuring that each portrait reflects authenticity. Whether it’s capturing your personality or professional brand, I’m here to collaborate with you in the Rheinlandplatz and Hessen region, creating lasting memories that resonate with you.

Concert and Event Photography is where I thrive in freezing vibrant moments and transforming lively atmospheres into unforgettable visual narratives. With a sincere passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail, I aim to capture the essence of each event, preserving precious memories in timeless images.

For any inquiries or bookings, please feel free to contact me via email or by filling out the contact form. I prioritize responding to your queries promptly. I look forward to connecting with you and creating memorable experiences together!