Photo Gallery

Welcome to my photo gallery. I’m Eric Sommerlad-Dedans, a wedding photographer originally from Mauritius and now I live in the region of Rheinhessen, located in Germany, specifically in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate. The following gallery showcase timeless visual narratives of Weddings, Portraits, Corporate Portraiture, Concerts, Landscapes, and Lifestyle captured from both Mauritius and the Rheinhessen region.

Two images showcasing the bride: a black and white portrait highlighting facial features, followed by a half-back view revealing intricate details of the wedding dress.

Wedding Photography – Unveiling Wedding Tales

Embark on a journey of Pictorial Tale. From intimate moments to joyous celebrations. I am your personal professional wedding photography, encapsulating the beauty of your special day with vivid hues.

Portrait of a shirtless man with detailed chest tattoo, showcasing facial features against a dark background.

Portrait Photography by Eric Sommerlad-Dedans

Portrait photography is a versatile art form where capturing a concept or specific idea can be as powerful as portraying reality. As a Portrait Photographer based in Mainz, Rheinhessen, I’m here to understand and bring these diverse visions to life.

Eric Triton playing the guitar onstage, illuminated by yellow stage lights.

Concerts & Events – Vibrant Moments

Immerse yourself in the energy of Concert and Event Photography, freezing vibrant moments in Mauritius. My aim is to transform the lively atmosphere into an unforgettable visual narratives.

Silhouetted Berlin Gate against blue sky, sunlight creating dramatic shadows. Image by Dedans Photography.

Urban Photography – A Different Focus

Take a quiet stroll through Mainz, Wiesbaden, and Berlin. Experience their unique blend of landscapes, architecture, and abstracts that define these cities.