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Shades of Love | Eric Dedans

Quite recently, I watched the documentary-style film ‘Human’, made by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Beside the fact that it is shot in a very beautiful way, offering amazing photographic images, it deals with a lot of interesting questions around the core of what it means to be a human being. The documentary collects and tells stories from all over the world, portraying people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Thus, it gives us the virtual opportunity to experience amazing face-to-face encounters with many different characters from all over the world, sharing glimpses into their lives and opinions on universal questions of what makes us human. One of the first topics the film is addressing is love.    

After watching ‘Human’, I was sorting some of my photographs. As usual for photos depicting wedding ceremonies, most of them show couples celebrating their love. But I recognized, that there were many other photos, beside those taken within wedding shootings, which touch upon the issue of ‘love’. I wanted to share some of my images shoot to you. 

No matter where we are from, which language we speak, which issues we have to deal with in life – love seems to be a powerful, joyful and universal bound, holding us together, providing each of us with strength, serenity and lots of tiny elements that shape this beautiful experience individually. No matter if it’s the love within a family, the love for a child, the love of a couple, the love for ourselves, the love for life ;  love in all its dimensions and shades is a core element of what makes us human. Or, to quote on of the protagonists of the film: “Love is everything.”

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